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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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fallen oaks. >> at least they're keeping their sense of humor. thank you, terry. a short stint of spring comes a cold dose of winter aga again. cold and rain in the forecast. you can feel it. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center with the time line. we have the cold. when does the rain come in? >> over the next 12 hours we'll see this rain developing here across the bay area. slow to start here but we are seeing a few showers across the north bay right now. it's not overly heavy. as we stop and put a doppler scan on this, a lot is so light it's not even touching the ground. some verga happening on the highway, the 101 corridor. you can't rule out a shower near petaluma. a first look at the time line here. we have a little bit of drizzle across the bay. what we're going to notice is by 11:00 tonight a few spotty showers may be possible for the santa cruz mountains and cloud cover. we'll see that more consistent rainfall and push down across the bay as we head through about
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9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 for tomorrow morning. we're going to talk more coming up not only about the rain but the cold and the extremely low snow and how long all of this lasts coming up in the full forecast. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly. it was a deadly holiday weekend for one hiker who apparently went off of a trail at a pop are lar san jose park. the victim was hiking in a steep, remote park, a remote park on saturday when he fell more than 150 feet. rescue crews spent the better part of two days trying to recover the body. damian trujillo, you know very well this is a huge area, how clearly marked are the trails there? >> a good job at marking all those trails throughout the entire alum rock. sometimes those hikers do tend to wonder off and that's what's happened here over the weekend. for a second day rescue crews map out a plan to recover the hiker's body.
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he was reported missing by san a clara police. park rangers spotted his body sunday afternoon. >> the event is going on, it is in a close area of the park. it's very hazardous. >> reporter: the rangers say the 13 miles of trails in alum park are clearly marked. the areas off limits also have signs warning people to stay away. the ranger says visitors mostly o obey those signs. >> most of them are illiterate and reading our signs. there's only a few who don't. when that happens something can happen. there's not too much that can happen unless they run in a each other. >> lead with as many kids in the park. >> reporter: lowe says he comes for family hikes about once a month and always makes sure to stay on marked trails. they usually hike on the minierl springs trails but that's closed off where the hiker fell about 100 feet down a steep ravine. >> that's why the signs are
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there. this is what happens. >> reporter: alum rock park is 740 acres at the base of the diablo mountain range. deadly accidents are rare here, but rangers say they're preventible if you obey the signs. and late this afternoon search and rescue teams were, in fact, able to recover the body. the coroner now is working on identifying the hiker. we're live in alum rock park. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. new details tonight on the death of a petaluma teenager. autopsy results show that byrd did die of hypothermia but also had drugs in her system. she disappeared in south lake tahoe following a new year's eve concert. a utility worker found her body in a snow bank four days later. investigators now think that she may have tried to walk three miles in freezing weather back to her hotel. her boot prints suggest she was
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disoriented. as the coast guard continues its investigation into what cause add speed gate to collide with a ferry this weekend, more details emerging about the man killed in the crash. >> great-grandfather. he loved his two sets of twins, twins that he had, grandchild n grandchildren. >> harry holzhauer died in the water between angel island and tib ron. kimberly tere is live with more on what she's learned. kim b kimberly? >> reporter: jessica, though that man is from oregon, he was fairly well known in the real estate community here in the bay area. and as you heard, friends say that the loss is devastating. the man killed when the boat he was in collided with a golden gate ferry saturday afternoon has been identified as 68-year-old harry holzhauer from oregon. his linkedin account shows he specialized in litigation support. loved ones said he was teaching an appraisal court and spent
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time with friends. at 4:30 saturday afternoon the coast guard says the speedboat he was driving hit a ferry shuttling people to san francisco. the crash happened in an area between tiburon and angel island. >> this happened in the daylight hours which is more surprising than nighttime with the visibility less. you go out there. >> reporter: the owner of the boat the coast guard will only identify as a california man is hospitalized. but investigators were able to speak to him. >> was able to tell us what happened. he was not the one driving the boat. mr. holzhauer who passed away was the driver of the vessel. but the friend was able to tell us what he can remember from the incident. >> reporter: the ferry involved was the "ms san francisco." no passengers were injured.
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the ferry was returned to service today but the captain remains on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. a spokesperson for golden gate transit says the crew was tested for drugs and alcohol which is standard protocol and has returned to work. the coast guard says it expects to have its investigation wrapped up by later this week. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. kimberly, thank you. a deadly crash late last night a. san jose proffer in the middle of a traffic stop on capital expressway when a dark suv swerved and almost ran him over. the officer then got into a pursuit with that suv. the 20-year-old driver of the suv ended up losing control on blossom hill road and rolled into a ravine. the driver died. the two young girls passengers in the stolen car had nonlife threatening injuries. gas prices spiking and electric car sales hitting another milestone, carmakers are looking for a high-tech edge to get you
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behind the wheel. and that edge is in our own backyard. in a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, our business and tech reporter scott budman was there when an international auto giant opened the doors to a new silicon valley recertificate center. scott? nissan is the world leader in electric car sales but needs more than that to keep up with auto trends. it needs technology that hasn't even been invented yet. so it's coming here to get ahead. you're looking at the cars of the future. they won't actually be small robots, but at the just opened nissan research and development office, they're testing the technology that will soon be in our cars. >> it's going to be much smarter than any human can be. it'll be able to communicate with the other cars. see things that we can't see. >> reporter: as gas prices soar, nissan is benefiting, having just sold its 50,000th electric leaf but it like so many other
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car companies who have high-tech goals feel the need to come here where it has plans to hire techies who love cars. >> all the automakers realize they have to have some kind of presence. the consumer electronics world and the automaker world have been converging a lot in the last ten years. this is ground zero for that. >> reporter: one of nissan's goals is to develop a driverless car, the kind google rolls around the bay area. but it's not easy and these robots are just a start. >> the silicon valley is the heart of autonomous vehicles. it's the heart of advanced technology and communication and human machine interface. this is where all the best and brightest people and research institutes are located. >> reporter: giving me san a place to grow and innovate giving your next car a cutting edge. nissan says it has about 20 people work iing at its new
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silicon valley center now with plans to expand to about 60 people. jessica? >> okay, thank you, scott. first, there was texas governor rick perry. now iowa governor terry bran stead calls golden state a happy hunting ground. he wants west coast businesses to consider setting up shop in iowa. he will spend a week in california but he won't say what businesses he'll be courting. he says iowa's efforts to reduce commercial taxes should make the state attractive. just last week governor perry visited the bay area to meet entrepreneurs and some business areas. up next how far is too far? it's a hot topic. should a legend be suspended for shoving one of his star players? and a fiery swan song goes out in a blaze of glory. and filling up and draining your wallet. gas prices continue to rise. what's behind the rise and the drastic changes some drivers might be making?
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we have some breaking news in so mona county. the manhunt is apparently over. authorities have just announced they've arrested a colorado man in connection with a triple homicide. 46-year-old mark capello was taken into custody last thursday in alabama. investigators believe a pot deal led to the shooting death of three men. their bodies were found in a cabin in forrestville last tuesday. forrestville west of santa rosa. investigators say the man came to the bay area to buy a large amount of marijuana. the suspect still in alabama will soon be transferred to the sonoma county jail. you must have noticed by now the price to fill up your tank keeps going up at an alarming rate. for more than a month now the average price of a gallon of gas has ticked up every single day. experts say it will continue to get worse before it gets better. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is live in san jose. kris, we're going to be feeling
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a ripple effect from the gas station to even just delivering a pizza soon. >> reporter: wref, jess. there's not much most of us can do. we have to drive where we have to go. there are businesses where they can pass some of the cost on to consumers and that is reflected in an interesting way. for people who drive for a living this is one of the roughest patches they've had in a while. >> it makes it a lot harder, that's for sure. every extra dollar i pay on my gas comes out of what i pay for rent. >> reporter: employer costs go up but taxi drivers can't change their prices. >> we can charge only a fixed price for a customer. >> so anytime it's over $3.25 you're basically working for free? >> that's right. >> reporter: the average gas price is 55 cents higher than a
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month ago. according to aaa in san jose the average is $4.08. in oakland $4.06. aaa says there's a number of reasons for the quick spike, a shortage of gas in california because scheduled and unscheduled, unrest, and the switch from cheaper winter blend to more expensive summer blend. the food truck gathering in san jose says that when gas prices go up and the trucks only get about ten miles a gallon some owners have no choice but to put them in park. >> we had a truck that was coming, very popular, but it was hard for them to justify because it was so expensive because of transportation. >> reporter: on the whole for 2013, the average will be lower than last year because of the political unrest that we saw last year but that just means we're going to have to see
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really cheap gas later on. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. a napa woman spent the weekend in jail after she was arrested for drunk driving. chp says it's her sixth dui arrest. her first conviction was in 1991. the 45-year-old woman was pulled over about 2:00 p.m. on friday. the chp says she failed a sobriety test and is charged with violating probation and driving with a suspended license. a new push for an old way of travel. caltrans is getting ready to spend $9 million for train ride they want to increase ridership including the capital line from san jose. it's a necessary expense, the $9 million, because of declining ridership. >> be santa cruz community is on alert after yesterday's violent sexual attack on a young woman visiting the campus. the woman was beaten and raped just afternoon near the
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amphitheater, the 21-year-old was treated for bruises to her head. the victim describes as a muscular white man in his 30s with dark hair, a full mustache and a goatee. also the at thtattoo on his upp right arm. the victim says he wore a dark blue t-shirt and said he smelled of cigarettes. streets are back open in the financial district after police removed a suspicious package there today. police were called to the wells fargo headquarters on montgomery street. they found the package, they closed the bank and surrounded the street. both opened after several hours, the package was removed and will be examined and then destroyed. talking about being held captive in north korea for nearly five months. video of ling and lee returning home after 140 days finally receiving a pardon from the north k north korean official back in
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2009. ling and lee were reporting on the trafficking of north korean women when they were detained by soldiers along the border. ling is speaking in california theat theater. she is the sister of lisa ling, also a journalist. >> let's get an explanation for this change. >> mother nature finally getting the rainfall across the area so slow going in 2013 to get any raindrop. even though this is a strong storm, it's big headlines in the weather department. we are tracking a few showers in the north bay but a lot of that not even touching the surface because the lower levels are so dry. however, watch out for a few spotty showers that still could fall here in petaluma all the way down to novato. areas of drizzle and also mist developing throughout the bay with a very moist lower level atmosphere. so let's get us into the big talk today and that was the cold temperatures. it was just a few days ago we had 70s here and just 53 in santa rosa.
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54 in fremont. 45 in los gatos. here is that huge temperature contrast. you can see we put this together. gilroy had 79 friday. all the way down to those low 50s today. very strong turn here in those weather temperatures. let's get you outside of that live hd network, upper 40s on the board. emeryville a stormy night with clouds advancing and then we have a look from palo alto and you'll notice that low visibili visibility. now let's bring you back into the weather and what we'll find the coldest spots in the interior valley tonight and the south bay. 42 in cupertino. 48 in campbell. 48 in santa teresa. what we have happening is this area of upper low-pressure will it continue to puch on down the next 24 hours and bring us the chance of that rain namely for tuesday's forecast but this cold
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blast of air and also some snow levels going down to about 2,000 feet to give us a dusting of bay area snow. throughout tuesday, highs in the upper 40s. that's it. not only at the coastline but for the bay side cities, also the interior valleys. by the afternoon we'll be lucky if if we see temperatures in the low 50s by the afternoon. also a thunderstorm as that rain gets reintroduced back into the forecast. on the three day cloud cover stays close with temperatures in the 50s. so the storm day again is for tomorrow. not only the rain but a chance, also, of some isolated thunderstorms and some very low snow levels going down to 1,500 to 2,000 feet with some of the likely spots getting some of that snowfall and then a rain/snow mix that could go as low as 1,000 feet. more in the full forecast later on. >> we'll see you in a bit, jeff. the sun finally set on the sunset piano experience. we first brought you the story on wednesday. you'll remember that the artist
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dragged the piano to half moon bay bluff and played sunset concerts for some three weeks before that happened. he set it ablaze and then played one final concert as it burned. the artist says he may use the p piano's charred remains in a sculpture. still ahead here at 6:00, turning your back on allergies. the common treatment that could help allergiers. >> and it's a tradition that draws a million spectators a year. why it may be on the chopping block, though. and the tasty twitter hack that had an apology issued today.
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it was a fast food hacking that was delicious to a lot of twitter users today.
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someone commandeered the burger king twitter feed and spent the morning tweeting bizarre and obscene messages. among the claims that mcdonald's bought burger king. obviously that was not true. burger king was apologizing to thousands of followers and mcdonald's was denying any involvement in the online hack. speaking of hacking, google chairman eric schmidt calls china the world's number one hacker in his new book called "the new digital age." it's due out in april. and in it schmidt says cyber attacks from china are damaging to america's economy. >> another tech heavy hitter is talking. microsoft chairman bill gates is not satisfied with microsoft especially when it comes to cell phones. nonetheless he gave current ceo steve balm aerovote of can ha confidence saying the future looks good for the company that he started. future oyster prices could be decided this week. the owner of the oyster company
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will be in court this weak to fight a federally imposed order to close the business. if the court does not grant an injunction, drake's bay will have to close by march 15th. some believe that will lead to higher oyster prices, lower quality and impact the environment because the tra transportation needed to import oysters here to the bay area. drake's supplies 40% of california's oysters. >> california's fishing industry appears to be on the upswing. fishermen are enjoying bigger hauls and raking in more profits. the news comes after conversation efforts that limited the catch for fishermen in recent years. while some were skeptical, they now see the benefits. it is good news for pacific coast towns that depend on the fishing industry. improving a child's behavior with the click of a button. still ahead, the new research that may have parents switching up their child's tv habits. also ahead, a coach controversy involving a local legend. what happened during last
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night's cal game that has local politicians calling for action. and i'm janelle wang. new details in the death of oscar pistorius' girlfriend. the evidence police are looking at. we know what caused the carnival cruise fire that left it adrift, all next in "world tonight."
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push did come to shove. legendary cal men's basketball coach michael montgomery shoved one of his star players and the coach to be shoved to the bench. >> jodi, you know this is out of kashg it ter for coach montgomery and clearly he crossed a fine line. what happens next? >> reporter: raj, the pac 12 and
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others are coming down hard on cal's basketball coach for that controversial push. fans and students are also weighing in tonight. some say it's just part of the game while others say the coach clearly stepped over the line. that courtside push between a coach and his star player caught on camera has cal's basketball coach montgomery backpedaling. the push left the player clearly upset and fans rattled. >> it doesn't look very good. it's not the type of message you want to send. >> it concerns me. >> reporter: season ticket ho holder and coach john sheldon was at last night's game. he can't believe montgomery actually put his hands on a player. >> the challenge of a coach is to keep your calm and act like you want the players to act.
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that's one of the hardest things about coaching and i know that's not something that would ever be okay in the programs that i coach and i don't think it's acceptable in division i basketball and i hope he's learned from it. >> reporter: later he issued an apology saying i let my emotions get away from me in the heat of the moment. my behavior was inappropriate and i apologize for my actions. there are calls for the coach's suspension, from the university's athletic director isn't going that far. calling the shots unacceptable l and is certain it won't happen again. but some, like these east bay basketball fans, say it's all being pushed out of proportion. they say sometimes athletes need a little nudge. >> it would have been motivation, okay, he thinks he can put on his hands, i'm going to show him. >> reporter: now the state senator is calling for a one-day suspension of coach montgomery. the pac 12 says it's not going to suspend him but the coach has
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received an undisclosed punishment. reporting live at uc-besrkeley,i am skroed hernandez, nbc bay area news. olympic track star oscar pistorius is set to appear in court tomorrow to get released on bail. there are new details on the death of his girlfriend. janelle wang is here with world tonight. legal experts believe there is a good chance he will be released despite outrage from women's groups. the 26-year-old is being held at a police station. he is accused of murdering his m model girlfriend on valentine's day. police sources say the track star shot 29-year-old reeva steenkamp four times through a bathroom door. her skull was damaged and a bat is being examined. in police interviews, two of mi pistorius' close friends say he played a frantic phone calls to them first before police arrived. a private funeral service for steenkamp will be held tomorrow
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in port elizabeth. >> we are absolutely mortified at the tragedy that's happened, and it has affected everybody in port elizabeth. it's the topic of conversation throughout the city. >> family denies it was murder. they say the track star is numb with grief over the death of his girlfriend. after months of speculation, hugo chavez has returned home. celebrations in the capital city of caracas after the leader tweeted that he's back. the government confirmed chavez is now continuing his recovery at a military hospital. the leader was in cuba more than two months after a fourth cancer operation. during that time there were rumors he was on his deathbed and would not pull through. signs of his release came last week when the family released these pictures with his daughters from the vens way lass hospital. disappointing news for syrian rebel forces. today as the european union voted against arming them with weapons, despite a push by
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britain, the eu express ed fear that the weapons could end up in the wrong hands and lead to more bloodshed. the two-year civil war between rebels and president assad's regime has killed nearly 70,000 syrians. the israeli military is apologizing tonight for this insta gram photo posted by a sniper. it reportedly shows a political boy's head in the cross hairs of his rifle scope. the boy was not killed. the photo scandal is the late nest a series of social media blunders by israeli soldiers. last week a soldier was sente e sentenced to 14 days in prison for posting a photo of him and 14 bound palestinian detainees. we know the cause of the fire that disabled a kacarnival cruiseship and left it floating adrift. the coast guard said a leak in the fuel oil line caused the fire in the engine room on february 10. the ship then lost power and needed to be towed back to shore. over the next five days 4,200 passengers and crew members had to deal with unpleasant
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conditions like overflowing toilets, long lines for food, and sleeping on the deck. at least two lawsuits have already been filed. raj? okay, thank you, janelle. one of the most popular events may be grounded. fleet week appears to be threatened by the federal government's automatic spending cuts. if congress fails to block the march 1st cuts in the pentagon budget, the navy will ground the blue angels. that precision flying team. the blue angels perform in 30 cities each year including, of course, san francisco. while the angels are just one part of our fleet week, they are considered the biggest draw and a key reason why a million people spend that weekend in san francisco every year which, of course, leaves a big boost for the local economy. on this presidents' day, president obama is back in washington tonight after spending the weekend in florida, even golfing with tiger woods yesterday. congress is out for the entear week making the city -- take a look -- look like a ghost town.
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some tourists were irritated saying less than two weeks remain until the $85 billion in spending cuts kick in. >> it is quite concerning that they're not here. >> get it solved. it's keeping everybody on pins and needles. >> lawmakers are spending this weeklong recess in their own districts and when they return to washington they'll have four days to agree on an alternative plan to cut the nation's debt. strategists on both sides say the politicians are working towards a deal despite being in recess. while we wait for congress, the states are taking matters into their own hands. in colorado today house members pass ed new ammunition limits o background checks. the package of bills bans high capacity ammunition magazines and forbids concealed weapons on college campuses. democratic majority in colorado's house also passed a measure requiring background checks on gun sales between private parties. republicans oppose those measures saying they restrict second amendment rights and
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won't prevent mass shootings. the state senate still needs to consider those proposals. the father of show time has passed away today. l.a. lakers' owner jerry buss died following a battle with canc cancer. after buying the team in 197 the rng he guided them to several championships. >> reporter: he always let us know that he was supporting us. kareem abdul-jabbar says he visited with the late jerry buss in the hospital. >> he said, hey, i'm going to beat this and get well and be back here watching everything. >> reporter: that was more than six months ago. he focuses now on buss' legacy. >> it wasn't about collecting championship trophies. he made the lakers part of the community. >> he became my second father. >> reporter: magic johnson on espn radio after news broke of buss' passing spoke of the legacy the team own he left on him. >> he taught me the laker
6:36 pm
business and he said, i know you want to be an owner one day. first, i have to teach you business. that's the reason i'm a businessman today is because of dr. buss. >> he certainly made an impact on southern california. >> reporter: it was a monetary donation to the university of southern california that david dowells will remember. >> scientifically is where he made his mark. >> reporter: buss was a chemistry major. he helped develop a system that tests heat and petroleum still used today leaving behind $7.5 million allows other chemists to use their own mark. >> the opportunity to have a certain amount of money free for their research. >> reporter: buss leaves a tradition of superstars, talent and character. >> very sad. he meant so much as a team and he was a real stand-up guy for the southern california community.
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>> reporter: and the community will certainly miss him. as for a funeral, that has not been arranged yet and no word if they plan a public memorial. reporting from the forum are where jerry buss won his first championship with the lakers, nbc bay area news. still ahead, more than ten times the asking price. a piece of jfk memorabilia that fetched a hefty sum. also coming up, it's like the six degrees of the kevin bacon rule for the internet. and allergy relief, the treatment that could help people who suffer from it. and i'm jeff ranieri, we are tracking finally some rainfall here acrossc california, much-needed rain. i'm going too much the full time line on that and when rain drops arrive plus your tuesday part forecast. keep that umbrella handy. i'm back with more in a few minutes.
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in health matters instead of pills how about puncture. you might have a new option if you suffer from seasonal allergies. a new study finds acupuncture may be an effective allergy treatment. more than 400 allergy sufferers had either acupuncture with access to allergy medications, a sham acupuncture with medication or just medication only. res researchers found those treated with acupuncture reported fewer symptoms and used less medicine. more studies are planned to see whether patient expectations affected the results. too much tv for kids might turn them into aggressive dedults. experts say what children watch, though, isn't as important as how much they watch. new information out today says parents should change the channel to educational ones from violent shows can improve behavior even if kids don't watch less tv.
6:41 pm
kids showed improved behavior after six months of positive televi television. the results faded over time but are a good way to help avoid aggressive behavior. that comes from the dust file. >> and this is educational television. going back to school or work tomorrow to some rain. we are going to continue having that move in late tonight and also for tomorrow. so many storm clouds moving in from emeryville looking to san francisco. i have a full time line on the latest storm coming up. and i'm scott reiss. the first time honor on a star play player. i'll tell you who and what. colin kaepernick says, thanks but no thanks, to a couple of high-profile suitors.
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turns out chicken little may have been right after all. a video from west palm beach shows what appears to be a meteor streaking across the sky last night. the coast guard says they were flooded with calls from people all up and down florida's east coast. no reports of any injuries, though. this comes on the heels of the large meteorite that exploded above russia on friday. russian researchers say they found a total of 53 pieces of
6:44 pm
that meteorite thus far and they could be worth more than their weight in it gold, up to $2,200 per gram. that's more than 40 times the current cost of gold. so we have florida, russia and, jeff ranieri, the meteorite in san francisco a few nights ago as well, right? >> a lot of this happens all the time. people are hyper tuned up towards space. >> that giant asteroid. >> i know. i know. it's all going on here. take a look at doppler radar, if you have been away for a while, coming back, this is not a lot of rainfall but it's big news because we have had so little rain in 2013. it's light to moderate on the roadways here for tonight. you can't expect some of these showers to linger over the next half hour and then looking at heavier rainfall for tomorrow. the time line coming up. meanwhile, winds are picking up as well. 10 to 20 miles per hour driving tonight not only is it going to be breezy but it is downright
6:45 pm
coal. look at these temperatures, 48 right now in novato. 48 in napa. some of the spots back in the hills in the south bay already down to the mid-40s. let's take you outside to that skyc camera network. i almost said friday. not quite. monday evening. widespread cloud cover increasing here across the si silicon valley and we take you off to the north and you see in san francisco visibility right out from the camera lens but we are also finding that cloud cover so let's get you to the main story here. the increase in rainfall for tomorrow, also the chance of thunderstorms in this area of p low pressure that's going to drop down here from the pacific. it's moving in yet again. another odd fashion from the north to the south. what we like to see here are storms moving from the west to the east. so moving from the north to the south it's not going to contain as much moisture. we'll keep it showery and cold for tuesday and it looks like
6:46 pm
it's going to have enough uplift in the upper atmosphere to produce a slight chance of thunderstorms, not expecting a widespread severe event but we cannot rule out the possibility of some stray lightning strikes for tuesday's forecast. that's when the bulk of the rain arrives and it looks to stay cold here all the way through wednesday with temperatures in the 40s. let's bring you into this rain time line. those showers increase here at 5:00 a.m., not widespread in nature but as we head throughout 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 tomorrow morning that's when we are expecting the rain to pick up in intensi intensity, about a quarter of an inch overall through the afternoon. a chance of forecasts throughout 5:00 p.m. keep that chance of showers even into 11:00 p.m., from here on out. as we get this rain here across the bay area. snow levels 1,500 feet. we're looking for a dusting of snow. just be aware of that. you are heading up to the sierra
6:47 pm
8 to 10 inches. some much-needed snow up there across the sierra. we'll start with 39, 38 in napa. 40 in livermore. and cold tomorrow morning, wait until you see what we have coming for wednesday morning coming up on that seven-day forecast. otherwise look at daytime highs as that rain arrives for our tuesday forecast, the umbrella right through the afternoon with scattered areas of rain and the chance for stray lightning. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. 40s for daytime highs on tuesday. through thursday's forecast and by wednesday morning temperatures dropping down into the 20s and also the 30s. right back on into winter for this week. you can see in the seven-day forecast rolls on out. a chance here with some showers
6:48 pm
on thursday and also on saturday but the marquee event would be for tomorrow morning with rain finally returning. it's not a strong storm, we are obviously playing it up because it's so dry. we'll take it. >> yes, we will. let's go to sports. we haven't seen scott reiss in a while. >> he's been on vacation. >> hello, scott. >> always working hard, guys, whether you see me or not. here is the deal. giants camp not exactly bubbling over with compelling storylines which isn't a bad thing, it's just what happens when you return almost an entire roster from a championship team. not really many holes to fill. now that said, one procedural point was ironed out today. ahmed fareed joins us from scottsdale with news that couldn't be much less surprising. ahmed? >> reporter: yeah, scott, we saw
6:49 pm
this coming the entire week in arizona. i asked matt cain if he deserved to start on opening day for the giants. he said, it's not may call. it's bruce bochy's call. about an hour later bruce bochy made the call naming him the opening day starter for 0 the giants. he'll get the start april 1st in l.a. against the dodgers and kershaw, the first opening day start in his career. he has a career 23 starts against the dodgers, but he's just 4-8 in those starts against l.a. last year a little better. perfect 1-0 with an e.r.a. under 3.00. i asked him what the title opening day starter means to him. >> there's a lot of buildup to it. sometimes you have to think of it as a normal start but it's not. you're getting the first one. everybody has the jitters. you get everything opening day. in the long run it really is another start, going out there trying to prepare for it like another start. you definitely are more amped up
6:50 pm
about it. you're going out there to start the first game of the season. it's a huge honor to be able to have that. >> reporter: this snaps a bit of a streak for tim lincecum. he had gotten the ball on opening day the last four seasons for the giants dating back to 2009. that's the report from san francisco's side of things. now for the a's report we send it over to our a's reporter kate longworth. >> reporter: the a.l. west champs struck a pose taking their head shots for the 2013 season. still photos from showing off their personalities and their competitive fire also came through as they argued over whose snapshot put the rest to shame. >> i just wish i would have shaved so you could have seen the bone structure. >> you have to have confidence. >> been working this for five
6:51 pm
years. i don't know. a little weird around here. everybody knows i'm a huge wrestling fan. i bought me a little plastic one that i had in my locker the past few years. >> i didn't know. i would have brought something. i don't have a championship belt. i would have brought my playstation controller or something. >> that's it. you don't become a model by -- and that's all we're trying to be here. >> reporter: and with josh redick sporting that authentic wwe championship belt, we asked him would he be a hero or a villain? of course he said he would be a hero unless, of course, they paid him enough to be the villain. in arizona, i'm kate longworth, nbc bay area news. all right, kate, thanks. colin kaepernick not really a guy who embraces the spotlight. the best way to avoid it, don't show up. "the sacramento bee" reports he turned down invitations to the grammys and the oscars.
6:52 pm
he's also apparently been offered a book deal. no word on where that's going. the qb is doing his off-season training in atlanta far from the limelight of hollywood. and, raj and jess, i'll be back with more at 11:00 but never fear. you have me wednesday, thursday, and friday this week. by the end of the week you'll be begging. >> i'll let you take kaepernick's ticket to the oscars. >> yeah. he turned it down. and the grammys. thank you, scott. >> he offered it to me, i turned it down, too. >> of course. for a full half hour of local sports coverage watch sports net central on comcast sports net bay area tonight at 10:30.
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would you believe a jacket worth almost $600,000, it's not just any jacket, it belongs to president kennedy. it was a j fk memorabilia auction over the weekend. here it is. mr. kennedy wore this jacket when flying on air force one. it sold for $570,000, three times the initial estimate. it was among scores of items owned by an aide and friend to the late president. the collection included hundreds of photographs, documents, and gif gifts. >> you may have heard of the sixth degrees of kevin bacon. what about the 19 degrees of the internet. a hungarian physicist claims you can get to any random webpage from any other random page in 19 clicks or less. he conducted his research using a simulated model of the web.
6:56 pm
he says while web pages are hyper linked to other pages there's a group that make the 19 clicks or less rule possible. he said search engyps and social news websites are the way. an estimated 14 billion web pages on the internet. this is not a fake. we did not doctor the video. passengers on the san diego tour boat saw a sight so rare this weekend they had to make a phrase to describe it. they had to make something up of what they saw. so many dolphins surrounding the boat the captain called it a -- >> super mega pod. >> 35 square miles with do dolphins. an estimated more than 1,000 dolphins as far as they could see. called the sight truly beyond belief. passengers on the boat obviously thrilled to see what they found. >> lucky, lucky, lucky. what a thrill that must have been. coming up tonight at 11:00, a bay area man said his laptop burst into flames. find out why and if it could
6:57 pm
happen to you. that's tonight after an all new episode of "deception." thanks for watching us here at 6:00. stay dry tomorrow. we'll see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
>> now on "extra" -- mindy mccready's tortured final hours. did the troubled country star leave a suicide note? >> my life hasn't really ever made sense to me. >> the clues in her very late interview. the mysterious death of her boyfriend. her shocking stint in "celebrity rehab. >> nurse! >> we've got dr. drew's theory today and what happens now to the two young children she leaves behind. the blade runner, the model and the rugby player.
6:59 pm
did a love triangle lead to murder? the late-night message that may have made oscar snap. the bloody cricket bat discovered at the scene and reeva's haunting tv good-bye. >> i will miss you all so much. >> now trending, rihanna attacked by an angry fan and josh and fergie's breaking baby news. mario's new a-list interview with mila kunis or should we call it "from russia with love. >> oh, i love you too! >> around the world with miss universe. her home video diary for "extra. >> extra, extra! >> welcome home, oliva culpo is my special co-host today. >> i brought a special surprise for us! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] grove. >> welcome to "extra" at the grove. i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. coming up, did the blade runner kill his girlfriend in a jealous rage over this rugby player? >> first, death of country star rage over this rugby player? >> first, death of country star mindy mccready, who
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